Plant and tools available for hire


If you are working at heights then Parker Hire can provide a variety of hire equipment. From alloy towers and ladders to trestles and Youngman boards. We have large stocks of easy to assemble access equipment to suit your needs.

Breaking, Drilling & Fixing

Parker Hire offers a wide range of tools for breaking and drilling.

Whether its a heavy duty breaker for deep concrete or a cordless drill we have the stock to help you through the job.

Need a fixing tool? We have tools for both masonary and wood.

Cleaning & Floorcare

Parker Hire offers a variety of equipment suitable for cleaning and floorcare. Whether you are sanding floorboards, cleaning your carpets or bringing back to life your patio we have the tool for the job.

Compaction, Concreting & Mixing

Whether you are preparing a surface or mixing concrete Parker Hire has the equipment. Preparation is the key, we have rollers, vibrating plates and rammers to compact the ground and mixers to mix mortars and concrete. Our electric and petrol powered pokers ensure an even compaction of wet concrete, then finish off with a power float to give a quality finish.

Cutting & Grinding

Parker Hire stocks an extensive range of masonary cutting equipment and tools from diamond tile saws to floor saws. Whether you are laying tiles, cutting a concrete floor or just splitting blocks we can help.

Excavators & Dumpers

Whether you are digging a footing, building a new drive or landscaping your garden Parker Hire have the necessary tools. Hire a micro digger for confined areas or large 1.5t mini diggers for larger areas. If you need to move soil and other materials then a Hi Lift Dumper would suit the job.

Gardening Equipment

Parker Hire stock a variety of gardening tools such as rotavators, strimmers, shredders, turflifters, lawn scarifiers and aerators.

General Building & Sitework Tools

Various Building Equipment for hire

Heating & Drying

Whether you need heating or a dehumidifier then Parker Hire can help. We stock a wide range of portable heating options to suit your needs. Heaters range from cabinet and fan heaters to Infra red and larger propane fired blow heaters. Need to dry out a damp room then our range of dehumidiers start small enough to fit in your car boot to larger site dehumidifiers.

Lifting & Support

Whether you’re lifting a steel beam into position or holding up a ceiling whilst removing a wall, Parker Hire offers a range of steel props and Genie Lifts for all requirements.

Power & Lighting

Our lighting and power range will keep you going whatever the conditions. The 110v site lighting range enables lights to be used outdoors as well as in. No power on site ? No problem. We offer a range of generators from 2.5kva petrol to 6kva diesel super silent to keep the job running day or night. If power is already on site then transformers from 3.3 kva to 10kva along with leads and reels are also available.

Pumps & Hoses

Parker Hire can supply you with a pump for many applications. Whether you’re on a building site, emptying a pool or pumping out a flooded basement we have the tools for every job.

Sanding & Woodworking

Parker Hire has a variety of tools for sanding and woodworking. Whether you need a floor sander and edger for that perfect floor finish or an orbital/belt sander for more detailed sanding then give us a call.

Surface Preparation

Parker Hire have all the necessary tools available for surface preparation. If you need to remove old vinyl tiles, plane a concrete floor, remove grease and grime then we can help.