Breaking, Drilling & Fixing

Parker Hire offers a wide range of tools for breaking and drilling.

Whether its a heavy duty breaker for deep concrete or a cordless drill we have the stock to help you through the job.

Need a fixing tool? We have tools for both masonary and wood.


Whether you are drilling masonary, steel or wood, Parker Hire has the right tool for the job.


Fixing wood? Then hire a paslode nail gun. Anything from a door frame to fencing and decking, we have the tool. Fixing into masonary? You’ll need a Hilti fixing gun.

Heavy Duty Breakers

Heavy duty breakers from Parker Hire will break up concrete up to 30cm or 12 inches. They can be powered by electric, hydraulics, petrol or air. If you would like advice on which tool is best suited for the job, please call us.

Medium Duty Breakers

Medium and light duty breakers are the tools to hire for lighter jobs such as breaking a wall, removing old fence posts and tiles.