Compaction, Concreting & Mixing

Whether you are preparing a surface or mixing concrete Parker Hire has the equipment. Preparation is the key, we have rollers, vibrating plates and rammers to compact the ground and mixers to mix mortars and concrete. Our electric and petrol powered pokers ensure an even compaction of wet concrete, then finish off with a power float to give a quality finish.

Concrete Floats

Hire a powered or manual float from Parker Hire to achieve a quality finish on concrete. Manual floats are useful for areas not easily accessed with a powerfloat.


The 4/3 mixer is compact and lightweight and able to mix and fill a typical wheelbarrow with concrete in minutes. Available in electric and petrol versions.

Vibrating Plates

Plate compactors are available in various sizes from light duty to heavy duty. Light duty compactors are suitable for small applications where physical size and weight is of prime importance.

Vibrating Pokers

Hire a vibrating poker tool for vibration, compaction and removal of air bubbles from concrete. This ensure maximum strength and consistency. Available with either petrol or 100v electric drive unit.

Vibrating Rollers & Rammers

Rollers are available in single drum or tandem form. Smaller pedestrian type walker behind rollers are ideal for tarmac finishing, hard core and gravel compaction and lawn rolling. Larger sit on tandem rollers are for larger applications of the same.