Cutting & Grinding

Parker Hire stocks an extensive range of masonary cutting equipment and tools from diamond tile saws to floor saws. Whether you are laying tiles, cutting a concrete floor or just splitting blocks we can help.

Angle Grinders

Angle Grinders are portable hand held machines for cutting masonary or steel, mortar raking and rust removal. They have the facility for taking abrasive discs or a diamond blade for masonary / concrete. Angle grinders are available to take blade sizes from 100mm to 300mm.

Bench Mounted Cut Off Saw

Bench mounted cut off saw are ideal for cutting metal bar, pipe and section. They are fitted with a 350mm metal disc and are able to cut depths of up to 115mm.

Block Splitters

Block Splitters offer an easy and dust free method of splitting bricks and paving blocks.

Floor Saws

Floor Saws are the only way to form neat cuts in concrete or tarmac floors before trench excavations or remedial works. Floor saws are easy to operate and have a built in water tank to keep dust at a minimum.

Floor / Wall Chaser

Floor / Wall Chasers are ideal for cutting a straight constant depth channel in concrete, masonary and block before installation of electric calbes or conduit piping.

Petrol Saw

2 stroke Petrol Cutters are ideal for on site cutting of stone, masonary and steel. Fitted with a 300mm diamond cutting blade the saw will cut to a depth of 100mm. Portable and lightweight these saws can be used for wet cutting of concrete and masonary once connected to a suitable water feed.

Tile Saws

Diamond Tile Cutters are available with 200mm and 300mm blades. They are lightweight, portable and ideal for accurate dust free tile cutting for both walls and floors.