Excavators & Dumpers

Whether you are digging a footing, building a new drive or landscaping your garden Parker Hire have the necessary tools. Hire a micro digger for confined areas or large 1.5t mini diggers for larger areas. If you need to move soil and other materials then a Hi Lift Dumper would suit the job.

Micro Excavators

Micro excavators are made to squeeze into tights areas, being only 0.75m wide they will go through domestic doorways and garages. They will dig to a depth of 1.7m and when fitted with a scraping bucket are ideal for landscaping.

Mini Excavators

Mini Excavators have good power and digging depth. With a width of 1m they will dig to a depth of 2.2m and their large capacity diesel tank will run for the whole day.

Hi Lift Dumpers

Hi Lift Dumpers (1 ton capacity) are ideal for loading skips and a perfect partner for a micro or mini excavator. Permanant 4wd ensures good traction in the toughest conditions and with a width of only 1.2m, access to tight areas is no problem.