Heating & Drying

Whether you need heating or a dehumidifier then Parker Hire can help. We stock a wide range of portable heating options to suit your needs. Heaters range from cabinet and fan heaters to Infra red and larger propane fired blow heaters. Need to dry out a damp room then our range of dehumidiers start small enough to fit in your car boot to larger site dehumidifiers.

Blow Heaters

Propane gas fired blow heaters are powerful and heat up large areas very quickly. A powerful fan blows heat froma propane flame through a rocket shaped tube. Good ventilation is necessary whilst these heaters are in use.

Cabinet Heaters

Mobile cabinet heaters run off a butane gas cylinder and are ideal for areas with no electricity. They are perfect for heating specific areas with adequate ventilation.


Dehumidifiers are used to speed up drying newly plastered or painted walls. Excessive moisture in the air following flooding can also be removed by a dehumidifier along with unpleasant odours.

Dust & Fume Extractors

Ideal for the removal of hazardous fumes or airbourne dust. The extractor unit can also be used as a large blower in hot conditions.

Fan Heaters

Mobile fan heaters are ideal for circulating fume free warm air. The 2.8kw heater has an adjustable heat setting and is ideal for offices, shops and school. Inline circuit breaker is provided at no cost.

Infra Red Heaters

Mobile infra red heaters are perfect heating specific areas or drying out damp walls. They are fume free and can run with one bulb 1.5kw or full power with both bulbs 3kw. An inline circuit breaker is provided at no cost.