Sanding & Woodworking

Parker Hire has a variety of tools for sanding and woodworking. Whether you need a floor sander and edger for that perfect floor finish or an orbital/belt sander for more detailed sanding then give us a call.

Circular Saws

Circular saws available to hire for cutting straight lines in wood up to 100m (4inch) depth. They are suitable for timber, plywood and MDF.

Detail Sanding Tools

For finer detail sanding Parker Hire have palm and belt sanding tools and orbital sanding tools.

Floor Sanders

Floor sanders will remove old varnish, paints and stains to leave the floor ready for varnishing.

Mitre Saws

Whether you’re looking for a standard mitre saw or the flip over type, Parker Hire have the tools for the job.

Reciprocating Saws

Hire a reciprocating saw when you need to cut sheet materials such as wood, plastic, metal and plasterboard.

Routers & Planers

Powerful plunge routers are available for cutting joints, grooves and rebates.